Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Elite Dangerous Ships - The Fer De Lance.

Fer De Lance Concept art for Elite: Dangerous . The Fer De Lance is an interesting beasty, it went through a few looks.

Fer De Lance final concept.

Fer De Lance Thumbnails

Kickstarter concept sketch, pre shipyards

The bottom two, grabbed from the ‘art direction diary with john laws’ is a 30 or so minute sketch based on the idea that it was a rich man’s yacht, with big engines and low armament, I pictured a largely glass yacht with fold-able solar sails 'not shown on this crop’.

There had been a few other versions of it done over time.

Then Xavier Henry laid down the art direction guides for the shipyards and I picked up the Zorgon Petterson shipyard, and the Fer De Lance was once again mine to push forward. I tried to keep it inline with the adder, and inline with the more triangular art direction of the elite universe.

Here’s the final concept I produced for the Fer De Lance.