Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Space station approach hedgerow fellow and scans.

Hello! Happy new year!

This is another release from frontier developments of my many many concepts for space stations.

The Urban Fox reappears in my sketchbook everytime, she lives on a scrapyard in an old bus, and makes money primarily from tinkering. She wears a lot of green stiped clothes and some old ex army boots. Her dad is professor wasp who is a lycra clad cyclist who owns a mad scientist style lab I drew many many years ago.

Design based on a Betta fish / Siamese fighting fish. More dress costume design drawing scans from my sketchbook.

More sketchbook scans - The Hedgerow Fellow

This is a chap who lives in a giant hedgerow! He has a tiny kettle for making nettle tea and his trousers are made of rabbit skin.



Johan Wahlb├Ąck said...

Super sweet stuff mate. Constantly pushing your own barriers and improving, very inspirational to see.

Looking forward to seeing more the coming year!

Badger said...

Thanks Johan! and thanks for dropping by! I hope you are doing super!