Friday, December 05, 2014


Hey! Sorry for the lack of updates, here's a pile of stuff! 

Spent a few lunch times messing around with drawing shapes then throwing photos over the top as blend modes and painting back over them, repeat. Fun stuff.

My take on work D&D Characters:
Fargrim the Dwarf Bard.
Allo, the chain smoking sword mage drow
Ximenia the Orc Ranger,
Plisken our teams vagrant rogue

Inky sketches.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Moving house!

Hey all, I'm busy moving house! 

But the studio at which I am Concept Artist won Develop's best New studio


Here is some recent work:

Scan of Cobolds and Goblin ideas from my sketchbook!

Lunch Sketch of the Chilterns based superhero ‘The Red Kite’

I was trying to learn a lot more about line weight and pose from Eric Canete. This is largely a copy of THIS PIECE by him, I continued doodling along. Patterning inspired by the spotted skunk, which is a very cool little creature.

Coffee shop sketching. All super fast trying to stay loose, not be precious and don’t over work anything.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Recent Coffee shop sketching.

Hey guys! Here are some recent coffee shop sketches, it’s always important to tackle your weaknesses and drawing moving people in a stylised fashion is something I’m definitely not confident at, but I’m pretty happy with some of the results and will keep on going!

These are done in a tiny tiny battered sketchbook I bought in muji long ago. Credit goes to Pixie for dragging me out of my dark badger cave to draw in the blinding light of the sun.


Friday, April 04, 2014

The sun is almost back!

 Hello there! How are you? in London the sun is attempting to break through our new smoggy overlords and bring the summer.

Here's an update!

The urbanfox

Badger-print bodice.
Spot -
Weiss, my D&D groups tank.
Ankylosaurus pirate boy.
Dark tainted swamp man.
The pigeon staring me down as I crossed an alley behind Oxford Street.
Unsuspecting commuters.
Banana fish.

 And now back to work! Busy busy!

Sunday, March 02, 2014



So I've got a new job, I've just started at Space Ape Games in Soho as their concept artist, so I've been very busy with all that.

Annoyingly I've miss placed my memory stick which had my current PSDs on, so I can't show you those. So until I find it, here are some sketches....

Before I left Cambridge our D&D group expanded by 2, here are my sketches of them:

 Feisty theif goblin, and biter of wrists and ankles, she's a little mad.

His name is Des, he’s a stranded fisherman. Here’s my quick sketch of him from the train home.


Sunday, February 02, 2014

Abyssal henchman! Robots in the mist! Asteroid base!

 I've done a bit of work on the rendering up of JR the abyssal henchman.

 30min speed paint on the theme 'Robots in the mist' well I had too really.

And an old Concept sketch for a base in an asteroid field, using a bit of artistic licence on the lighting there :)

For Frontier Development’s Elite Dangerous.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

More steampunk mech legs and hedgewizards

Here is a Plasma spear weilding steampunk henchman, he arose from a conversation I was having with my friend John Roberts and Christine Cross about good names for heroes / villains. 

He used to work in deep sea salvage before become the muscle. I hope his name will be something like ABYSSAL PHIL, or something. 

Anyway, I was inspired to drop some of them into my quasi steampunk oxspindle world and here is the first, of hopefully many. The story will continue to unfold! I want to bring a sprinkling of art nouveau into these guys, we’ll see if I can manage it.

Character sketch based on a description by Tharook.

Floating wizard of these people

Little chaps like this have started appearing in my sketchbook! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Have a great week!


Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Space station approach hedgerow fellow and scans.

Hello! Happy new year!

This is another release from frontier developments of my many many concepts for space stations.

The Urban Fox reappears in my sketchbook everytime, she lives on a scrapyard in an old bus, and makes money primarily from tinkering. She wears a lot of green stiped clothes and some old ex army boots. Her dad is professor wasp who is a lycra clad cyclist who owns a mad scientist style lab I drew many many years ago.

Design based on a Betta fish / Siamese fighting fish. More dress costume design drawing scans from my sketchbook.

More sketchbook scans - The Hedgerow Fellow

This is a chap who lives in a giant hedgerow! He has a tiny kettle for making nettle tea and his trousers are made of rabbit skin.