Friday, December 20, 2013

Mech, cicada costume and gnoll chap.

Well as you seemed to enjoy the last update rather a lot here is another -

Elite dangerous concept work - Mech

Costume design drawing based on a Cicada, from my travelling sketchbook.

Strange Rat/Wolf/Gnoll man.

All the best.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Badger and Pangolin and more 30mins.

A drawing I did for my wonderful love, who is a pangolin that gets me out of my shell, and on to adventures.

Various 30min sketches on the following themes:
'Fallen Empire'

 Hero of the City 
- Far under the great old city of London, the London underground’s demon hunter is called in when cross rail hits an old plague pit or ancient cultist vault. While they say your train is delayed by a signal failure, you should know the truth is this man and his dog are down there, fighting to clear the tunnels.

  Orbital Weapon
- Finally found high above the thick clouds of Caliban the autonomous drone recently awakened from the long forgotten war and wreaking havok on the colonists.

 Parking Lot

Oh and we released the Elite Dangerous combat demo alpha, pop on to youtube to see some lovely stuff!
Happy Holidays you guys!