Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weaponry! and sketches!

Beam Laser -Concept for Frontier development’s Elite dangerous. Hard sci fi space game.

Heat sink launcher concept design for Elite dangerous.
These images also come with scrawling, line drawings and general rambling when I give them too modellers, those lucky folks!

Sketchbook page from recently, just playing with shapes, on the left I’m in the process of brewing up ideas I’ve got about how an lithe race in an mmo might look. I would quite like to have a subtle, but still badass race that weren’t overtly gender specific to produce an interesting contrast and fill a bit of a gap in the player base? Closest you can get in WoW is gnomes I guess? maybe… But it doesn’t matter because gnomes are for punting.

Anyway I want to avoid the overly nature inspired nymphs, they feel a bit too passive and find something that could work across classes.

More actual thoughts on this and less rambling typing brain stream coming soon. I need to really think about this… with some coffee.

 Went to Heythrop Zoological Gardens last Saturday and drew some animals, hard to draw animals as they keep moving, but  a great challenge and a lot of fun. Alas no Paddy the badger, but apparently he’ll be out next year.

Tried doing how I imagine my shepard (mass effect) looks in the style of Matt Rhodes. Might have to render this one up.

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