Friday, July 19, 2013

Sidewinder and studies.

Surface colour and materials call out concept of a sidewinder for Elite. The model underneath that you can see at the sides was modelled by John Kelly. I was asked to work over the grey render to add lighting and concept the different materials and how they could weather. So I’ve tried to include old oil stains, and a directional chipping of paint work to reveal the metal underneath, radiators working and possible light locations etc… 

30 min studies

And another robo quickie.



Aidan said...

First and foremost I LOVE ELITE buuuuuttttt... thing that stands out is the sidewider (to me) lacks a bit of design..."cohesion"

theres lots of details, but some of it seems arbitrary and the design language is a bit vague

I guess you werent necessarily looking for a crit, so apologies! Ignore/delete at will!

Also, studies = nice!

Badger said...


I'm afraid I didn't design the sidewinder, but I see what you mean. I just provided surface lighting marking thoughts.

But crits are always welcome! ALWAYS.

Cheers for dropping by Aidan!

Mark Montague said...

Great work Josh and I really like your 2 tone mech pictures. Do some more!

Badger said...

Cheers Mark, will do!