Monday, May 27, 2013

Warrior lady, Rat folk and Process gifs.

Hello! ART from recently.

 Loosely inspired by the shapes and cloaks used by 1800s fisherwomen from Scotland, but dipped in steampunk. I imagine she kicks arse.

 Here is some new images from Frontier Development’s Elite dangerous, which I am a concept artist for.

I was handed the adder from the ground work done on the black image. But after looking at the original 1984 wireframe (top left), decided to take the ship in a slightly less angular, but more functional direction inline with the work we’d done on the other ships.

Work owned by Frontier Developments.

and here are some process gifs of these pieces, they were generally done over sucessive lunch, so they a a little bit messy. 


Monday, May 13, 2013

Oxspindle sharpshooter

Oxspindle sharpshooter -

Hanging from lightweight blimps, these folks shoot the magical slag mites off the outside of the Ox. Often if they are near a populated area, or just as a general safety measure they use harpoon rounds to safely carry the corpses away.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Oxspindle decontaminator.

Another of the Oxspindle’s clean up crew.

 These folks often have to travel into the sewers and tunnels that run under the oxspindle and provide a network of magical and air channels through the ox golem itself. They are hardy looking, well armoured. They often have to go in and clean up after the exterminators, which isn’t a particularly fun, or safe job.


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Exterminator and Dancer.


This is one of the exterminators from the oxspindle, the issue with having a highly magical city, with a magical ox golem powering it is sometimes the magic leaks into the piles of slag and junk created by the industry, these have to be eliminated fairly quickly, preferably before they make it down too deep into the tunnel and sewer network inside the city.

Next time I’ll show you the men who have to shoot the golem ticks that live on and inside the oxspindle.


 Messing about with costume and shape and colour and simplifying.


And bonus art work, a small part of a texture call out for the federation capital ship from elite : dangerous has been released to public perusal.