Thursday, March 14, 2013

Willah and the warships.

So here is my fairly steampunk artificer.

White gloves idea I got off a story I heard about powder monkeys, often young boys who ferried gunpowder about were dressed in white so when they went black due to gunpowder the gun crews knew not to go near them. I imagined when Willah is working with alchemical substances while adventuring it would be really helpful to know what she’s already got on her hands.

Anyways, a fun steampunk costume design to do.

Here is some newly released elite dangerous work, all this concept art is owned by frontier developments.

So here are some thumbs I did one day when they asked for warship thumbs, I took a few team favourites forward and did quick paint overs, I believe you’ve seen that imperial warship a few posts down.

It’s important in thumbs to try and cover as many ideas as possible, your first few ideas always tend to be regurgitated things you have seen, push on through that and stay loose and simple. Details are a distraction at this stage.

Super quick render of thumb 10 in situ, I did a few in an afternoon including the one below of 23 after feedback.

and a quick profile to flesh out the bulk of the ship.


Friday, March 01, 2013

Dalaran, rat folk etc

Good evening all!

I've been battling a cold most of the week. It wiped out all of last weekend. But I'm coming back, getting some more arting done.

Dalaran in the style of a vintage (or classic) railposter. 

Another little rat adventuer. 

Messing about with matte painting.

Quick lunch character sketch.