Saturday, February 09, 2013

Undercity vintage rail poster and sketchbook pages.

Happy weekend evening time!

Here is another World of Warcraft City in the style of a Vintage rail poster.

And some sketchbook pages from the train - Men with weapons.

aand back to the steampunk costume design drawings and some more adventure rats.

Other than that things are very busy on Elite : Dangerous at the moment, I hope we can show you some more cool space stuff soon!



Kat said...

Oh I love the UC poster!

Sam said...

UC poster is good. Moar of these. I have some comments but I prefix this by pointing out that I am fearfully ignorant of the ways of art.

I think you have really nailed the amount of detail in the background of both of these. If there was any less it could make the picture a little bland but the shadows of doorways and details of the huts kinda draw you in.

If you do an oggy one you might want to make it more bustling, I think the lack of people makes the TB one work as it looks like its being sold as a tranquil tourist destination. With the UC one it makes it feel a little empty. (also if you decide on a Oggy one it totally has to be the view from the front gates as you go in(with a reference of some form to people bouncing up and down on the bank))

I think the UC one is also a bit harder as in the posters of that style I've seen the weather and the weather based lighting is always quite a strong element, as in the TB poster, where as the nearest thing UC has to weather is warlocks duelling.

Also I don't know if this was the intention but I assumed these were an advertising campaign by goblin zepplins. I hadn't really crystalised that till you mention it on the Zepplin one.

Shoki said...

Love the UC poster! I've got a bunch of train poster artbooks and you've really nailed the style. Keep the awesome coming.

Daniel said...

Awesome work man! :]

Kian Fai Koh said...

nice work here! hope you can complete the city series for WoW :D

Unknown said...

I would love to have this as a poster!

Badger said...

Hey guys, Thanks for the comments:

Kat - Thank you!

Sam - Thanks for the nice critique, I completely agree about the people, I'll try and make the capitals bustling. Hope you are well big fellah.

Shoki - Thanks for dropping by, you've been super prolific with nice work recently!

Daniel - !! Thank you so much!

Kian Fai Koh - Cheers! So do I!

Unknown - and you can!