Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sleeping Beauty and Elite Dangerous warship.

Been messing about with this at lunch. First block in of battle princess: Sleeping Beauty.

Continuing my vagely steampunk’d battle princesses.
UTILITY BUSTLE. I’ve always thought there must be a way to get it into a concept… it could work, right?


Another concept image for Elite : Dangerous released.

Here is one of my quick concepts for the imperial cruiser.



jake gumbleton said...

some excellent levelling up happening here mate. Love the utility bustle! The world needs more of these! The ship is ace too, you are really hitting it!

Us Midlands lot really should sort out a trip to Cambridge to come have a weekend with the Cambridge crew.

You doing the London event in May?

Badger said...

Hey Jake!

Cheers mate! means a lot.

Yes you should! I'll have a word with Maya and try and stir something up.

Yeah if it comes together I'll be there. I live London way and commute up to cambs so it's on my door step.

Michelle said...

I love the princess. :)

And hi, by the way. I found you via a google image search and ended up drifting totally off my actual purpose to browse your blog. Love your work! I'll be passing the link on to my ultra-geeky Doctor Who fan friend.

I was looking for steampunk vehicles. Not for art, for inspiration. I wrote a book 15 years ago that I now realise was steampunk, except back then I never knew the genre existed. Fans have whinged that my vehicles aren't described much... that was because I hadn't much of a clue what they were! ;-) Now I'm on the sequel and trying to make amends, write better descriptions, but describing details of imaginary transport is frying my (seriously limited) brain cells.

I'll bookmark your blog to enjoy, need to move on or I'll never get any writing done. ;-)

Cheers from Scotland

Badger said...

Thank you Michelle! I'm glad you like it. A good place for steampunk vehicle inspiration is the aptly named

Good luck with the writing!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the link! Some great photos there. :)