Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good evening, more wow and fantasy stuff.

So! It's been a while, That's mostly because I haven't got around to updating.

Here are some sketches.

This is an old Dnd character waiting at the docks, lots left to do on this.

Quick wow based sketch of my favourite tank.

Some sketchbook scans, an insight to what I get up to on the train.




Sam said...

Where did you get the staff from? I can't remember now. Was it before Calemthor? or was it at your old monastery place?

Sam said...

Also great stuff as always!

Badger said...

It was after Celimthor, in Sag'. I took a liberty on that admittedly :E

Gillibean said...

Great work Badger! I love the second image! Great colours and I like the JJ Abrams flare too.

Badger said...

Thanks Gillian!

Adam said...

Nice lighting and mood in the first two josh!