Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scribbles, knights and the inside of cylinder space station docking bays.

Low G docking bay for Elite 

Concept piece describing the inside one of the docking stations in Elite:dangerous.
Very fun to work with physics and physicists on this, the dimensions and rpm have been calculated to allow easy loading and unloading of the ships close to the interior of a rotating cylinder station, so as you head further out more earth like levels of gravity are created.

 Stop! Docking time. (To the tune of hammer time)

[The above two images are owned by Frontier Developments]

A quick concept for my good friend John O'lone's film the legend of the golden fish cake

Quick Knight sketch. My friend and co worker artist John Roberts @John_Arr keeps a longsword in the studio, and that inspired this.

 Bee's new outfit is loosely based on Moorhens. Need to get back to dress design drawings, and costume design drawings after a lot of environments I need to clear the rust.

10min life drawing poses, I find 10mins an odd time in life drawing, shorter and I draw for gesture, longer and I look at form. I need to find a better way to tackle 10mins.



Red Herring Jeff said...

I've been really enjoying seeing your paintings lately, Badger! Thanks for sharing. :)

Yi-Piao Yeoh said...

Your recent work has been really inspiring.

That knight drawing... so efficient, so good!

Badger said...

KC - Thanks Jeff! Means a lot.

Yip - Cheers Yip! You always like the sketchiest part of my updates, I guess sketches are the real bones of all work.