Friday, November 30, 2012

Armoured Jerboas, Space, hummingbirds and traffic wardens.


Here is an update...

With an armoured long eared Jerboa, a fun mount for all weathers and their individual ear markings makes them much easier (or should that be ear-sier... sorry) to find in those big city multi-story stables. 

Anyway, Jerboa knights sounded like a good plan. Here is an early work in progress.

Some more Elite:Dangerous concept art has been released. 

Craft fly toward the mining station on the far side of a moon as a geyser catches the sunlight on the otherside.

And I'm still drawing, here is a sketchbook scan. Pencil, moleskine, trains travel.
And my first ideas about a ‘traffic’ warden to join the london underground’s demon hunter. Will see where this goes!

Thanks for looking.


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Michelle said...

Oh wow. I LOVE this one too. :) Okay last look and I really am going now... really.