Friday, November 30, 2012

Armoured Jerboas, Space, hummingbirds and traffic wardens.


Here is an update...

With an armoured long eared Jerboa, a fun mount for all weathers and their individual ear markings makes them much easier (or should that be ear-sier... sorry) to find in those big city multi-story stables. 

Anyway, Jerboa knights sounded like a good plan. Here is an early work in progress.

Some more Elite:Dangerous concept art has been released. 

Craft fly toward the mining station on the far side of a moon as a geyser catches the sunlight on the otherside.

And I'm still drawing, here is a sketchbook scan. Pencil, moleskine, trains travel.
And my first ideas about a ‘traffic’ warden to join the london underground’s demon hunter. Will see where this goes!

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Elite: Dangerous


I'm very pleased to announce the project I'm working on has been announced on kickstarter!

Please go over and show your support for this exciting project and resurrection of an old legend.

 There's some of my art, spaceships, asteroids, shepard moons, lonely landings and colossal space stations.
All work is owned by Frontier Development.


Monday, November 05, 2012

Urbanfox in the style of Aurelie Neyret, and self portrait

Tried drawing my character the urban fox in the style of Aurelie Neyret, quite fun!

Quickie from life drawing.

And a self portrait doodle from my train sketchbook.