Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coast, Binturongs and costume designs.

Ehlo all,
Yip has been bugging me to scan some sketchbook pages. 
Here are some sketches, currently a few showgirls, but incoming steampunk as I’m getting back into some world building.
First costume design drawing / fashion illustration. Outfit here is based on this moth

One of a few evening photo studies.

Some Zoo sketches from Saturday. Binturong and Reindeer.
I want a Binturong, they were great! Also swimming capybaras are great, on land they seem quite relaxed then they enter the water and become STEALTH CAPY and briefly surface from one place to the next. 



Johan Wahlbäck said...

Wonderful pencil drawings man. I love the lines. Nice shading technique as well, now I am inspiered. Thank you ^^

Badger said...

Thanks Johan!