Monday, May 21, 2012

Crater city V2... Runner duck and more.

Hello there,

Some more concept art... this is a bit further on the crater city...

I'll keep going on this! Learning a lot.

Taking a break from the rendering, Bee tries being a redhead.

Runer ducks are still awesome

Quick fashion study. More of these i think.



Francis Kelleher said...

Hey man. I like the crater progress!
I had just a wee thought about maybe attracting more attention to the centre isle by building up the world around it. Would you consider more shapes/distant islands on the right side of the canvas? The bridge gets very close to a tangent with the line of the horizon and I think it would really emphasise the depth of the pathway by breaking up the straights.
Hope I'm not 'outta' line' there! :]

Badger said...

Nah that's cool Francis, thanks for your input. I agree with moving the bridge a little. adding more forms I want to be careful I don't lose my original vision for the place.

Hope you are doing great! Cheers for the crit!

jake gumbleton said...

Ace duck ! I love ducks:)

Badger said...

YES DUCKS. Thanks Jake!