Friday, July 22, 2011

Bip bip

London underground's demonhunter.

London Underground’s demon hunter, called in when they disturb an old plague pit, or an ancient room locked away for years that they find covered in cryptic writing, or maybe, just a giant demon stomping through the bakerloo line, they say it’s a points failure, but we know the truth, this man is down there, his dog too, which i cropped off the sketch as he wasn’t finished.

I imagine him with a lot of holy relics and i’d like to crazy up the tech hellboy - steampunk style, all on loan from the british museum of course.

And a knight for a lunch project at work.



Tom England said...

I like the ideas of the London underground character very much Badger, full figure form render for that bad boy please :D

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

The plague pit in a sealed off, disused line of the underground has huge potential....I want more please, Pretty-Boy. But scrap the pet dog, if he hunts demons in the underground the only sensible familiar would be a rat.

xbeni said...

I like your style!