Thursday, June 23, 2011


Err Sketches and stuff.
Hi all, and an extra special hi to all I met at the Oxford sketch meet this weekend, I had a lovely time, sorry if anyone was caught suddenly in front of my rambling ;)

Study of a screenshot from Game of Thrones - Samwell Tarly as played by John Bradley.

Done at lunch today, so 45mins or so on photototototototoshop

Some sketches from the train home.
Some lady!

VANGUARD has a nice sound to it.

I like Halberds at the moment, this one is based on a german 16th centuary one? I think...


And some of the concept work for sniper ghost warrior two has been released, here is one i worked on at opus artz



Yi-Piao Yeoh said...

woo mighty fine, keep it up!

ArtistsinProgress said...

These sketches really make it easier to imagine the future grand scenes. You make something difficult look easy.