Thursday, June 23, 2011


Err Sketches and stuff.
Hi all, and an extra special hi to all I met at the Oxford sketch meet this weekend, I had a lovely time, sorry if anyone was caught suddenly in front of my rambling ;)

Study of a screenshot from Game of Thrones - Samwell Tarly as played by John Bradley.

Done at lunch today, so 45mins or so on photototototototoshop

Some sketches from the train home.
Some lady!

VANGUARD has a nice sound to it.

I like Halberds at the moment, this one is based on a german 16th centuary one? I think...


And some of the concept work for sniper ghost warrior two has been released, here is one i worked on at opus artz


Tuesday, June 07, 2011



Pencil fun. Been looking at old ornate costume and fashion, i'll try and find source.
Lunch time speedy, 40 mins or so?

One of quite a few tiny studies i've been doing to concentrate on colour.