Sunday, March 20, 2011



I've been arting again, lots of stuff this week as i took a few days holiday. HOLIDAY, madness. Yesterday we accidentally met up with a hoard of concept artists and illustrators, spur of the moment visit to the Normal rockwell at the Dulwich picture Gallery with my Pixie, Kan Muftic , Dave Neale, Jon Mccoy and Smiley only to find Ben Ho was visiting too. After that we met up with Zara and Alex for some food and drink.

Enough name dropping, here is some art.



Smeashy said...

Nice spaceship. Yes.

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast are both radical departures, looking really good. Your day out sounds like a lot of fun, am jealous ;)

Björn Hurri said...

Great to see these more worked on. I hope you had/have a great vacation!

I jumped back to a couple of months older posts. Great to see a solid improvement in design as well as the technical side of things.

Keep on rocking hehe.

Ben Ho said...

Nice work man. Pleasant surprise to see you guys again. Hope you enjoyed the exhibit. It made me feel we need another CA meet up sometime!