Monday, November 22, 2010

Prince William is getting married... More steampunk jackets and pencils


Some sketches pulled from my sketchbook pages. Here are some ladies.

I'm going to say pretty steampunk ladies as i know it'll get me google hits just by saying the words steampunk, steampunk, oops there i go again. oh and fashion design sketches.

And life drawing, We had a big model this week which was cool, i've never really drawn such a big guy and it's always nice to have different models so you see the range in the human form.



Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Wow! The blue one from behind is really nice, the arm and elbow is particularly lovely. I think that your life drawing is becoming very nice, but your figures from imagination still seem a bit stiff and awkwardly posed.

Now come over here and sit on my knee, or I'll tell all my mates you're frigid.

Badger said...

Yeah still far too awkward, i've had that problem for a while now. Not sure what to do about it, probably just be a bit more attentive to watching how people stand.

Kyle Smart said...

bigman on the left is awesome dude.

Atif said...

Such a lovely picture i like it..

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