Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More life drawing

Computer bluescreened while saving last night, grrr.

Luckily analogue media survived... though charcoal is much more temporary in many ways,

Here are some highlights from this weeks life drawing.

2 mins - charcoal on tracing paper. Took me FOREVER to loosen up.

only one of my earlies worth saving, charcoal on my beloved simili japon hotpress

Paints coming, when they are ready :)



m said...

of course these are lovely. great line economy. just be thankful your charcoals don't bluescreen. it's all vine on paper then next thing you know b255 freakin everywhere. much luv :)


Smarty said...

first one is amazing, so much potential in the lines. Really wonderful mate

Mazz said...

These are going on the wall.

Keep at it my lovely Badgerling you are awesome xXx