Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life drawing


I'm thinking a change of tact is in order for my blog. The reason i updated weekly was to give myself a marker, a visible point at which i could measure how much work i was doing weekly, looking for patterns in subjects and media to see what i was missing. Now i'm doing a lot of drawing i will only be uploading what i consider good work, instead of everything i do, hopefully this will force me to really work on a solid standard. I will still try and update weekly though, but probably a bit more choice cuts.

But first!!

Life drawings.
Went to Candid arts in Angel, i am VERY rusty.

30 mins


2 mins

and a film still...



Franbo said...

vair good, 'rusty'? look very good to me!

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Really nice work, the colours in the film still are very impressive. Would you screen grab straight off a DVD for this and have both images open side by side on photoshop as you work, or do you flip back and forth trying to work from memory?

Badger said...

Side by side, i find i'm just trying to match colours and composition, without having to concentrate on construction tooooo much.