Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Watercolours, coffee shop gestures and a sargent trip


This week i have mostly been eating.. no thats one for the folk growing up in the 90s.

This week i've mostly been working, met up with a friend over from Sweeden, one back from searching for owls, and one who left his self imposed exile in the bowls of IBM.

Also on the weekend i went to see the Sargent and the Sea exhibition at the RA here in London.

Enough chitter chatter for the holmes, here's some art:

Quick snippet of where i'm up to with this:

Coffee house sketches after the sargent.



Franbo said...
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Franbo said...

i like the silhouette line up! Nice sketchies :)

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

I love the hottie in silver... Her goggles sinking into her luscious hair is a nice touch too.

Mazz said...

Really like that last colour sketch, really nice quality to it.

The red kite is coming along fantasticly too, I miss our morning storytellings on the train. There are some things to be said for a long commute after all ;)