Sunday, June 13, 2010

Riding koala, suit and generator start


Just a quick one, been house hunting then, visited fran for her birthday and saw atleast half the people on my links bar over there >>

Gotta sleep!


Franbo said...

Nice Koala! Thanks for coming to visit! Was muchly fun!
MF x

Dave Neale said...

Cute little bear type thing!

Weird or Cute? said...

Wismul is my capcha - Wismul. I think you should now draw a Koala looking Wismul.....

I still like the wrinkly sleeved commuter against a blue background, it is very 3d and formful, in a wismul sort of way.


jonny duddle said...

Haha! The koala's cooool!

BTW... I added a link on my blog, thanks for linking me!