Sunday, June 06, 2010

More from the marylebone to risborough sketch hermit

Hello there folk and moorhens!

Here's some more scanned pages from sitting on the train, they are probably just further on the scanned pages from a few posts back, been trying to slow down and really think about what i'm drawing, not just drawing for the sake of putting something on paper.

Pixie sleeping on the train home last night.
We had a mega two day slog of seeing the brighton degree show, some really nice stuff in printed textiles and 3d. Also went round brighton, then looked around london for somewhere curl up in a ball closer to work.

And some skull and skeleton study from the huntarian, and some commuter doing his crossword i think.

foofly foof.

The funny machine on the right was inspired by the kid on the leaf blower in up, i was trying to design a bikey thing that could be attached to a sail.

45min doodle of my camera, colours started coming together, construction on the otherhand... so many drawing errors i almost didn't post it, but meh, i am all my flaws, i don't let my proffesional work sit like this :) but then i do that sober through the day :)



Weird or Cute? said...

Huzzah! I really like that one of sleeping pixie on the train, it must be uber-flattering as she usually hates any image of herself almost as much as she loves speaking in the third person...

I can't wait to go to the Horniman and see how it compares with the Huntarian, I bet its pickled foetae in jars just can't compare though...

Oh and what ARE these moorhen creatures you speak of? Stiltduck was wondering what you are on you crazy badger....



Franbo said...

nice camera, maybe some more suggestion of background,theres enough in the foreground, just looks a bit floaty.

Nice pixie sketch also!