Sunday, May 16, 2010

vest man, stripe dog and a tracker

Hello! it's been deadline week at work so i've either been working too late or getting home and working on work.

Enough bloody excuses, i played some computer games then did some drawing... these are the finished ones from the week.

And here is another colour study from the steampunk fashion flickr group.

Also my very good friend sam is looking for black owls with red eyes on a tiny island, his daily blog is here.



Franbo said...

nice sketchies, i like the dudes right forearm rendering.

thats a bit specific

anyway, nice update B
MF x

Smarty said...

yer, for some reason, the forearm looks particularly nice. great stuff.

Weird or Cute? said...

Mmmmmmm steampunk dreadman....

He looks lovely - your speedy weekend colour studies are definitely hitting the money these days well done Tadi Von Badgeralot xxx

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

May I ask a question Bosh?

What is the purpose of the clour study? It seems very monochrome with all besides the gentleman's pantaloons tending towards red. What exactly were you studying here?

I love you.

Badger said...

adam- shifts in hue that create beliveable skin tones, i've found it has help tonnes when i am at work and can create skin tones from my head, by painting skin in a range of lighting it has given me a much better understanding oh how to recreate it. rendering the texture has also really helped and comparing it to surrounding colour is good too. Mostly trying to mix up a colour i realise the difference between what i think i'm seeing and what colour i'm actually seeing, due to it's behaviour with the surrounding pigments.

Does that make sense? basically copying has helped me do it from my head. x