Sunday, May 09, 2010

More steampunk men, some skulls and a lot of coots.

Heylo all! thanks for the comments, you are lovely.

Here are some train doodles, there is a lot in the page, maybe should probably stop trying to fill every space and go back to my old compositional rendertastic pages, but in doing so you become precious about your pages, but composition should become a more active element.

Some more colour studies, i have been raiding the steampunk fashion flickr photo set.



Weird or Cute? said...

Wow can't believe how quickly you did Mr lambchops, sure it was only two seconds ago I looked over and you were starting the sketch A* Mr Badger xXx

Franbo said...

cool beans B, i like the doodle pages, vair nice

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

He's got my beard!!

Nice update you doodling tart xx

Smarty said...

nice colours on lambchope, good cool grays. Maybe his eyes are a little far apart though. Sketchbook is looking great as usual

Zara said...


Great stuff, always, of course.