Monday, May 31, 2010

Harro! Gort, urbanfox bee and trees...

Quick warm up in the morning of my wacom pen well sitting on my trusty tough disc GORT.

If you ever need an external hard drive i bought a freecom tough disc two and a half years ago and it's served me really well, i've thrown it at walls and people just for silliness, he's still going strong. Also, always name your hard drives after sci fi robots!

Some clifton downs cloud study.

Bee, a sleeping commuter and the RENDERENDERENDERED urban fox.

Heads, getting my proportions better by drawing them while i'm next to a mirror.

And thats it, i think, this seems far too light.



Weird or Cute? said...

Wow Gort, a striking resemblance! Many lovely things as always but nothing as sexy as a runnerduck-mount...

We need to go to bed now before it is tomorrow o_O


Franbo said...

harro B, nice update, that white highlight on the thing on GORT looked really satisfying to add on.
Nice sketches,

Kyle said...

Nice study.. Is that the hardrive? Or is it one of them rubberised things?

If so, showing your new gadget some art love is always a good thing.

hope your well