Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dog washing


No sketches this week. But i did go and see Prince of persia on friday night, lovely to see shots we worked on while i was at Peerless coming up, not a bad film either. Other than that i've been out walking a lot and enjoying the sun on my monitor tan.

Oh and our dog decided in the weather to roll in something... SOMETHING dog awful, dog bathing on a summers day, joyous.

Here's some more finished Photoshop stuff from today,

Riding a runner duck

and another photocopy, i'll do more on this one, want to tackle the variety of textures in the photo.



Franbo said...

love the duck, the dude is looking cool, looking forward to the textures

Zara said...

Fabulous duck - ducks are so the new horses.

Z x