Monday, May 03, 2010

Colour coded skeletons fran and the red kite.

Hello! So, long weekend so i've updated today, here's some stooooof!

Sketchbook, more visits to the royal college of surgeons, doing skeleton studies, Some magic frans on the way home, trying not to render and focus on pose and feel. I wonder if i sometimes render to cover up things, so i'm gonna do some of these for a while.

Some folk on the train, doodles and more bones.

Quick study on skin tones and stuff.

aaand, a steampunk adventurer, will finish this up some.

Till next week, and thank you all for the comments, they are really great.


Franbo said...

Hullo B! Awesome magic Frans :D
paints looking cool!

Zara said...

I really like the upside down skeleton! More upside down things, please.

"TORI CAT" said...

beautiful work!!
I love your delicate studies of the human figure!!
Really nice work!!

SKIZO said...


Kyle said...

nice skelewags