Monday, May 31, 2010

Harro! Gort, urbanfox bee and trees...

Quick warm up in the morning of my wacom pen well sitting on my trusty tough disc GORT.

If you ever need an external hard drive i bought a freecom tough disc two and a half years ago and it's served me really well, i've thrown it at walls and people just for silliness, he's still going strong. Also, always name your hard drives after sci fi robots!

Some clifton downs cloud study.

Bee, a sleeping commuter and the RENDERENDERENDERED urban fox.

Heads, getting my proportions better by drawing them while i'm next to a mirror.

And thats it, i think, this seems far too light.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dog washing


No sketches this week. But i did go and see Prince of persia on friday night, lovely to see shots we worked on while i was at Peerless coming up, not a bad film either. Other than that i've been out walking a lot and enjoying the sun on my monitor tan.

Oh and our dog decided in the weather to roll in something... SOMETHING dog awful, dog bathing on a summers day, joyous.

Here's some more finished Photoshop stuff from today,

Riding a runner duck

and another photocopy, i'll do more on this one, want to tackle the variety of textures in the photo.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

vest man, stripe dog and a tracker

Hello! it's been deadline week at work so i've either been working too late or getting home and working on work.

Enough bloody excuses, i played some computer games then did some drawing... these are the finished ones from the week.

And here is another colour study from the steampunk fashion flickr group.

Also my very good friend sam is looking for black owls with red eyes on a tiny island, his daily blog is here.


Sunday, May 09, 2010

More steampunk men, some skulls and a lot of coots.

Heylo all! thanks for the comments, you are lovely.

Here are some train doodles, there is a lot in the page, maybe should probably stop trying to fill every space and go back to my old compositional rendertastic pages, but in doing so you become precious about your pages, but composition should become a more active element.

Some more colour studies, i have been raiding the steampunk fashion flickr photo set.


Monday, May 03, 2010

Colour coded skeletons fran and the red kite.

Hello! So, long weekend so i've updated today, here's some stooooof!

Sketchbook, more visits to the royal college of surgeons, doing skeleton studies, Some magic frans on the way home, trying not to render and focus on pose and feel. I wonder if i sometimes render to cover up things, so i'm gonna do some of these for a while.

Some folk on the train, doodles and more bones.

Quick study on skin tones and stuff.

aaand, a steampunk adventurer, will finish this up some.

Till next week, and thank you all for the comments, they are really great.