Monday, April 05, 2010


Sorrryyy, i seem to be unable to keep track of days during a four day weekend, this day just devolved into DAY BEFORE WORK WEEK IS BLOG UPDATE DAY. Which, as my head has just realised, is Monday, blaahh, balls.

So this week i did muchly work, and i also did 35 presentable character designs in two days, they were just line sketches, but thats kinda the most creative period, steeped in costume designs and thoughts about appropriate equipment, awesomely good fun. But i did leave me a little foofly for work on the way home, anyway, you'll have to put up with this.

Same old shit -

Spot the tony blair!! Oh and some interiors, and the worlds messiest paladin sketch.

And inspired by mister baines, i did some sketches based on some busts, good fun, much harder than i thought. aaarrghh.

I also saw baby badgers :D :D :D at secret world.

Photo by Mazz

Now i better sleep for my travels to the smoke, and battles with the suits and their umbrella based weaponry



Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Is that a bust you bought or a photo of a bust? The first one is better, the second has a lot of scrobbley brushwork.

I spotted the Tony Blair, do I win a baby badger? ;)

I'd like to some some more watery colours soon!

Franbo said...

awesome-o B!
That is indeed the only way to beat Gaga at her own game, correctemundo.
Cool sketchies who is that dashing magician with cat? and the assistant in the awesome dress?
Also, i wan't that badger!
MF x

Kyle said...

Looking good J (or is it B?). Watch your edges on the casts. Some of the shadows need some definition to stop them looking like clay as a pose to marble.

Badger said...

Hellloes! The busts are clay :)

Also the second one was the one i did first and IS shocking, but i prefer to put the good and the bad up. More shall be done next weekend.