Sunday, April 18, 2010

Foxes and many many skulls

Hey there all in blog land :)

The more art i do, the more pieces i work on from start to finish, the more i realise the vital vital importance of the drawing, the accuracy and the communication. I scraped almost a days work this week after i realised though nicely rendered, i had jumped in without really considering the strength of the image and it's value in communication. I then re did the piece from a new composition, much quicker, and already much better. This has manifested itself in me going back to basics, more cubes, more skulls, and looking at my good old trusty bridgman book, but coming to it this time with a lot more understanding.

here are some train doodles.

Spent the weekend in brighton visiting an old friend and playing dnd, imagination very much full, but no pages to show :)



Franbo said...

I love the skulls and the showgirl at the top, she looks like she's make a good assistant...
MF x

Adam said...

Nice work mate, I totally agree 90% of the time a problem with a painting turns out to be a drawing issue. Glad you're updating regularly, keep it up man.