Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busts and jetpacks :)

Hello there! spring is in the air, the trees are budding, it's all looking up.

So i did another clay bust.

I went OUTSIDE and did some water colouring, trying to learn it so i can do some more on the move colour work. I used to be very much a gauche person, I might try going back to it, but i tend to paint very heavily with it, watercolour forces me to slow down and consider layering, which carries over too PS, convenient! This is tiny, A6 ish. I'll try and do some more.

Oh and a rocket pack.

Which i did because i designed this rubbish, left the rocket pack as a place holder while i researched on, i've got the 9 iterations about somewhere... You guys seem to like that sorta thing.



Franbo said...

hey B! love the watercolour its awesome, nice update :D

froon x

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

I just spotted yr mention in ImagineFX so thought I'd leave you a comment. I really like the rocket pack design, looks very functional and realistic. Maybe a bit too practical? Might benefit from a flamboyant flight of fancy?

Love you x