Sunday, March 14, 2010

Train doodles. Characters for lumographia.

Heylo! Alas, since getting a job as a concept artist i really can't show as much work as i used to, which is a bit rubbish, it's also clear to me from these scans that i am often drawing the same things, as my leisure time i can see why, but it's not really going anywhere, so i think this week i'll try and take the ruler on the train and get some proper designs done. Expect interiors :)

The red kite! very quickly, in photoshop.

Some sketchbook on the train stuff, same old.

Mazz and nick in a futuristic world where our progress has been reclaimed by nature.

Expect more landscapes like the old flooded bristol one :)

Have a week of sparkles and woots!



Weird or Cute? said...

Hooray for Lumographia!!!

It shall be awesome and we shall all await its birth and development with baited breath :D

I think you are doing very well to art all day and still find the time, energy and creative inspiration to continue to do your own art as well 10*/10* (and all this despite the ducks and their meddling ways...)

Go Badger!


Franbo said...

cool beeans (see what i did there oho)
i like the girl with the stripey tights :)

Kyle said...

wicked news josh, dan mentioned it a while back... everything is looking great. I just started taking some serious time with those K.chen demoes you recommended last year, wicked stuff. Good Luck