Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tired train sketches, goats and airships

Hey everyone, update is a bit light this week, been a bit soc-ial and all the painting is tied to work.
So here are some sketches, most are done on the way home, on the train when i'm super tired, so they are a bit hit and miss.

Also, i've been reading a lot about construction, realising i need to work on it, so i have drawn some cubes and stuff.

Sunday, went to the bucks goat centre with mazz, great fun, but still a bit too cold, you can see pretty quickly which ones i did with numb fingers due to the nose dive in quality. Note to self, gloves.




Franbo said...

nic sketchies B, i like the little duck sketches, cute!

Emma Levey Freelance Illustrator said...

Josh i love your animal sketches- I have never seen you draw them before,
... they're fab
draw more please, i can provide chicken/quail life models :)