Sunday, March 28, 2010

spring sprung red kite and characters.

Hello! I went down to bristol for zara's birthday and caught up with a load of illustrators.

Work is mad and long which means i'm not really challenging myself on the way home, but when i can post up that stuff you'll see i've been doing lots of things :)

Quick red kite doodle tonight.

Rendered a bit more of these character pages.

I'm pretty knackered now, i'll scan more and paper dump next week.



Weird or Cute? said...

Red kite looking kick-ass!

Don't worry about work making your sketchbook emptier these days- just make sure that you use your sketchbook to keep your heart filled up and your imagination excercised as well as your render muscles toned ;)


Franbo said...

was awesome to see you again!
nice sketchies B! I like the red kite doodle with her crazy hands!
MF x