Sunday, March 21, 2010

Breakfast bar and skulls!


So, me and tom from work have been spending our lunch breaks drawing skulls at the huntarian, very good for me to do.

Oh and mazz bought the art of how to train your dragon, the new dreamworks film, so i did some studies of the beautiful storyboards.

Interior as promised and the start of a spoon tiara :P

ANNND, awesomely went to life drawing at the mall galleries, great atmosphere and lovely models, i am SO rusty tho, this is all i turned out, girl on the left was my warm up.

I need to sleep now i've been canoing all day.



Franbo said...

awesome-o B! i like the spoon tiara sketch! and the little dragon doodles, i'd like to see those bigger if you'd send me the file?

Adam said...

Good stuff dude! Glad to see the stuff you've been up to. Now get Tom to update his blog!

I really like the room dioramas you've been doing. Hope all's well!

dCepT said...

Helllo, Badger!!

Seems to be along time in between visits.. sorry about that! So, you have to fill me in! I went back a few pages but couldn't find where you are working as a concept artist! Time for the beans to spill! And a big congrats! Happy for ya man!
Big 'ol asspat for great progress as well! You, sir, are getting awesome indeed!

(Oh, and you should open up for adding comments with name and webiste as well as google account ;) I'm on wordpress now, and my gmail is just hangin' there :P )