Sunday, March 28, 2010

spring sprung red kite and characters.

Hello! I went down to bristol for zara's birthday and caught up with a load of illustrators.

Work is mad and long which means i'm not really challenging myself on the way home, but when i can post up that stuff you'll see i've been doing lots of things :)

Quick red kite doodle tonight.

Rendered a bit more of these character pages.

I'm pretty knackered now, i'll scan more and paper dump next week.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Breakfast bar and skulls!


So, me and tom from work have been spending our lunch breaks drawing skulls at the huntarian, very good for me to do.

Oh and mazz bought the art of how to train your dragon, the new dreamworks film, so i did some studies of the beautiful storyboards.

Interior as promised and the start of a spoon tiara :P

ANNND, awesomely went to life drawing at the mall galleries, great atmosphere and lovely models, i am SO rusty tho, this is all i turned out, girl on the left was my warm up.

I need to sleep now i've been canoing all day.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Train doodles. Characters for lumographia.

Heylo! Alas, since getting a job as a concept artist i really can't show as much work as i used to, which is a bit rubbish, it's also clear to me from these scans that i am often drawing the same things, as my leisure time i can see why, but it's not really going anywhere, so i think this week i'll try and take the ruler on the train and get some proper designs done. Expect interiors :)

The red kite! very quickly, in photoshop.

Some sketchbook on the train stuff, same old.

Mazz and nick in a futuristic world where our progress has been reclaimed by nature.

Expect more landscapes like the old flooded bristol one :)

Have a week of sparkles and woots!


Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tired train sketches, goats and airships

Hey everyone, update is a bit light this week, been a bit soc-ial and all the painting is tied to work.
So here are some sketches, most are done on the way home, on the train when i'm super tired, so they are a bit hit and miss.

Also, i've been reading a lot about construction, realising i need to work on it, so i have drawn some cubes and stuff.

Sunday, went to the bucks goat centre with mazz, great fun, but still a bit too cold, you can see pretty quickly which ones i did with numb fingers due to the nose dive in quality. Note to self, gloves.