Monday, February 22, 2010

More Colours studies and the urban fox again

Hello! So this weekend actually ended up being taken up with catching up with old friends in oxford, and seeing some comedy tonight.

Not a massive amount, but as it's the second update this week i think it'll be okay ;)

Couple of studies:

Foxy :D :D Urban Fox tries out her new boots.

Sketchbook page, looking at a lot of matt rhodes.

much love!



Franbo said...

Cool update B! I like the studies vair nice, i seem to recognise the pictures theyd have been taken from, from somewhere. Nice colours.
Good luck with your new start tomorrow, you dissappeared from msn
woots! *\o/* huzzah!
Muchos luck
Froon x

m said...

so tat is a nice castle, b. Excited for your afore mentioned le le fran careeropportuniticality thinger. do you think Francakes will be okay with this nickname? translates to "the the fran?"

whee, great looking bloggy dear :)