Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mid week update! steampunk gurneys, studies also.

Mid week blog update!! Because i've been doing quite a lot of stuff i wanted to post some now, also it'll mean i have to be productive over the next 3 days to have another post.

So here is some stuff:

Steampunk car thoughts and development, these are just the start, to give me some ideas, some very cool articles on wikipedia about the development of steam engines, i find research always pays off when looking at vehicles.

Some studies:

Some steampunky face for a warm up, other one needs a bit more attention.

So yeeaaahh.



Weird or Cute? said...

O_O Really awesome update - Those studies look amazing :D And all those cars - looks at all your exciting designs and her own empty portfolio enviously....

Plus, 2 updates in one week? You are on fire Mr Concept Artist!

The only way is up & up & up it would seem :)


Franbo said...

Awesome cars B
MF x

Kyle said...

lovely studies dude, great shapes in those vehicles too. really coming together.