Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another week, another blog post

Hellooo! how are you all?

Okay, so i don't think i can show you much from this week, as a lot is tied up at work, i'll try and sort out what's showable.

But here is a paint from this afternoon.

Here is a gurney:

Here is the first run of the above character (sandi) i did in nandos on thurs at a sketch meet.

Doodles page, you've seen the urban fox, also a mallard and a sleeping commuter.

Here is a cake tin speedy.



Franbo said...

nice, the cake tin is guessing........ cherry bakewell?
Nice mallard. and the sandi sketch is also awesome-o
nice artings B-pants

Daniel Harries said...

looking sweeeeeeet josh. Bravo.