Sunday, January 31, 2010

Steampunk again, ashmolean, lotsa fog.


So been doing other stuff at work, like learning compositing and things, here is some PS and graphite fun:

From one of my thumbs a few pages back -

Some quick sketchy things, trying to do that whole silhuette/ sketch idea thing in PS.

Redux of an a painting from a while back, trying to rescue it from mediocrity. Fun stuff, reminds you you are progressing.

And... I have finished my latest sketchbook, here is what the cover became.

And here are the last few pages,

On saturday me mazz, naomi and ben went to the steampunk in oxford again, popped by the new ashmolean (amazing alma tadema they have) then to a pub to sketch.

Some sneaky sketches of sleeping commuters


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Franbo said...

awesome-o B nice renderenderendering, especially like the little mask render looks great!
Also love the top enviro, great atmosphere and colours