Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year!! Steampunk nuts and oil onions!

Hello! Happy new year all!

So it's been busy and New yeary and two important birthdays.

Here's what i sqoozeled in:

Some generic steampunky doodles, the one on the left is a steampunk chestnut roaster, i'll try finish these.

Tadi's castle ballroom entrance..

Messsing about with colouring methods on this, quite fun, parts i may use when colouring again.

Oh! and some practise of facial expressions, my drawings WILL get less static.
Find me in this page :P

And i'm back painting in oils, this is about A4 size and not very far in, had to stop and let it dry a bit.

Thatiddly bee all for now!!!


1 comment:

Weird or Cute? said...

Happy New year :) Off to a good start, you are an example to us all!

I like the way the steampunk chestnut seller is heading, nice to see you drawing a grizzly man to go with all the sleeping commuters and sexy girl-folk ;)

I think all the poses are looking really strong and the top page especially shows a lot of progress with the poses looking more natural.

Looking forward to seeing the onion painting develop and to seeing your blog grow even more in 2010 :D

Keep up the good work xXx