Sunday, January 31, 2010

Steampunk again, ashmolean, lotsa fog.


So been doing other stuff at work, like learning compositing and things, here is some PS and graphite fun:

From one of my thumbs a few pages back -

Some quick sketchy things, trying to do that whole silhuette/ sketch idea thing in PS.

Redux of an a painting from a while back, trying to rescue it from mediocrity. Fun stuff, reminds you you are progressing.

And... I have finished my latest sketchbook, here is what the cover became.

And here are the last few pages,

On saturday me mazz, naomi and ben went to the steampunk in oxford again, popped by the new ashmolean (amazing alma tadema they have) then to a pub to sketch.

Some sneaky sketches of sleeping commuters


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Steampunk bike, Robot and Truthseeker.

Heya, this week has been busy and i've spent most of it chasing up lose ends rather than making serious headway. Enough excuses, here is a new idea and some rendered thumbs and old work :D


Quick look at my truth seeker idea, i'm getting a bit stuck into steampunk at the mo.

Wonky sketch from a very fast run to the national gallery on my lunch break.

Hope you are surviving January okay.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Steampunk cowboy, dancing owl and hands.

Hello hello! all my favourite peoples, It is I, BADGER.

This week i have been mostly learning stuff at work, proper post production stuff, and doing maya, so my time to create pretty pictures was inhibited.

Luckily the weekend was awesome!!

Me and Mazz went to the steampunk exhibition in oxford, at the museum for the history of science, very fun, very nice range of new creations and old old things, like brunel's instruments!!

Then i saw avatar (i know, i know, LATE) Which was really very good, i was expecting it to be pretty good, but blew me away really, nice work. Neville page did very nice work, infact all the production arting was amazing.

First, here's some art:

The thing here is, i had a composition break through looking at repin and some other russians, something just seemed to click and i felt i had a better understanding of using thirds, edges and silhuette to creat compositions. Composition has always plagued me in enviros, So these are the thumbs i made immediately after, and then today spent a few hours trying to paint one up.

If you have never read this tutorial, do so now.

More sketchbook:

Filler hand warmups :P

Hope you are all well and your winter snow has thawed.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Robots, startrek, steampunk, castles.

Harro! (and stonewealds)

How is everyone? snowed in much? My commuterville was stopped dead in its tracks by white damp sabotage! Looks pretty though.

Here is some stuff i did, robot came about at work.

Quick steampunk biro doodles.

Some more renderering.

Quick star trek study.
Quick name of the rose study.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year!! Steampunk nuts and oil onions!

Hello! Happy new year all!

So it's been busy and New yeary and two important birthdays.

Here's what i sqoozeled in:

Some generic steampunky doodles, the one on the left is a steampunk chestnut roaster, i'll try finish these.

Tadi's castle ballroom entrance..

Messsing about with colouring methods on this, quite fun, parts i may use when colouring again.

Oh! and some practise of facial expressions, my drawings WILL get less static.
Find me in this page :P

And i'm back painting in oils, this is about A4 size and not very far in, had to stop and let it dry a bit.

Thatiddly bee all for now!!!