Sunday, December 06, 2009


Hello! very busy week, still mad at work, here is some stuff from evenings and doodles from the train.

This month's art ac, not too pleased with the stance, i would like to make him more lumbering and the banker thinner, anyway, it's a banker bot, standing blocking his vault.

Quick photo study.
Some on the train half awake thumbs.

A kind of hacker lair, low budget room, money spent on hardware.

Train doodles that are all over the place.



Franbo said...

Hullo B, i like the colours in the Jungley one, and the business of the last sketch page, especially the plaid tanktop. Good stuffs :D

MF x

Weird or Cute? said...

Hooray! :)

Looking good, you're doing really well at keeping up your art progress despite having to wrestle with such long hours at work.

Really like your idea for Art Ac and the photo studies working very well.

Sign me up for a hacker-pad, maybe you can design me one for my tree-house in the Setts back garden? ;)


Smarty said...

great stuff Josh. the thumbs a couple of posts back were really nice and loose too.