Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey y'all

OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD, How is christmas coming so fast!? did someone mount christmas to a tinsel covered holly powered present filled freight train and not tell me!?

Anyway, i spent some time doodling on my joyous pinstripe filled commute.

Here are some finished pages, the others have important stuff to be added like argyle and sparkles.

Doing this in colour is like playing the sims, i'll have to make more interesting shaped rooms next time or i might as well have just played the sims.


1 comment:

Franbo said...

huzzah! I really like the top page of sketches, nice line quality and renderind, i especially like the rara skirt sketch on the right page, vair nice. Also is that a half doodle of a Magic Fran top left in that page? Also the penciled unknown mystery i have no idea what it is room *cough*, because it doesnt actually exist room *cough*, is awesome. Don't open the wardrobes.

MF x