Monday, December 21, 2009

Red kite update!

Hello there one and all,

Annoyingly my time has been taken up with christmas shopping,

So i've basically been finishing up some old work, i need to get this done for the sake on my portfolio, here is some.

And i'll try and finish up those rooms.


aaahhhh CHRISTMAS.


1 comment:

Franbo said...

hey B! liking the update to the red kite, but i was wondering although a nice part of the design, how functionable would high heeled boots be for an action kind of character?
I'd like to see her placed in some kind of context next with environment :)
I look muchly forward to seeing the room done! :D It's needed redecorating for a while, i feel the upgrades will add value to the property ;)
It is however, missing a cat setting traps.
MF x