Monday, November 09, 2009

It's getting cold and foggy again!

Marrow! it's getting all cold and foggy again here in southern england,

How are you all? Have you also been wrapping up warm for early morning train platform fun, while balancing how many layers you can survive on without overheating on the tube to charing cross? maybe just me...

Sketchbook pages aren't finished, and obviously i can't show you stuff from work, so here are some weekend doodles.



Frannigan said...

The interior is great, thats kind of what i think the tardis would look like.
Also, ill take that high collar capey outfit for MF its kind of mcqueenesque
mf x

Badger said...

I imagine the tardis to be much less gothic, much less heavy.
I haven't really touched the tardis interior, i kinda see that as your realm, i think you should sketch what magic fran's home looks like :)
Thankies frantanbo!